Hello and welcome


Thank you for taking an interest in my website.  If you are reading this you are likely searching for the right kind of therapist to guide you through your healing process.  Please have a look through and if you resonate with the content then I invite you to get in touch.  I will be only too happy to help with any further enquiries or questions that may help you along your path. 


Since 2001, I have helped many hundreds of people overcome symptoms of distress with presentations often referred to with mental health such as depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, generalized anxiety, sexual dysfunction, sleep problems, post traumatic stress disorder, chronic fatigue, chronic illness and many other difficulties.  I also offer support and safe space for exploration of emerging spiritual experiences, personal expansion and growth towards fulfillment and remembrance of Self. 


I do not generally use the terms that are synonymous with pathologizing the human experience and instead have a deep understanding that our emotions (no matter how painful or critical) are our guides, our allies and with the right tools, can be our vehicle to expansion and growth.   


Over the years I have been on a personal quest to find these tools for myself and for others and I am now here to share these teachings and treatments with everyone. 

I believe that through my journey I have trained in the most effective and holistically inclusive therapy models.  I particularly refer to EMDR, Internal Family Systems and Comprehensive Resource Model.   These latest developments in the field of psychology are a sign of our expanding consciousness and not only support relief from emotional distress, but open the doors to our fullest and highest potential.

A new unified consensus is emerging from all the healing perspectives …


To fully heal ourselves, and our planet, we must face the dark and painfully repressed parts within us to release the patterning and conditioning caused by exposure to trauma.

And move beyond the realms of victim consciousness and into right relationship with ego


New therapies have evolved to support these needs as we come to this realization and a revolution within the field of psychotherapy is about to blossom.  We are therefore living in very exciting times.  Never before have we understood as much as we do right now about the nature and workings of humanity and the human psyche.  Simultaneously, we are noticing an explosion of interest and awareness relating to consciousness, the universe and our roles here on the planet during this time of great change and accelerating expansion.   As we realise the synonymy between our inner selves and our outside world, we are faced with the truth of who we are and that the only way through the turbulence is to look within.   But what lies beyond?  What happens when we venture forth armed with the teachings of trauma?   Trauma creates victim and victim creates perpetrator.  For millennia we have been trapped in the confines of victim consciousness drama triangles.  This is the energy of war, conflict and confusion.  Through the lenses of duality and in the absence of solution our ancestors have  been unable to transcend this pain.  But we can.  Its time to break out of this consciousness and tap in to the potential of who we really are beyond trauma.


I can help you through this process.


I believe we attract into our lives everything we need in order to heal and expand and from the very moment we consciously form the intention to connect with the process of improvement, an algorithmic spark lights our pathway to growth. 


If you are reading this then maybe you are preparing to make this connection.  Perhaps you have decided that it’s time and, even though you can't see how to achieve your heart’s desire, you are responding to the call and to the possibility to change. 


I have explored what is available within the field of evidenced based psychology, (counseling, CBT, and EMDR) and also the more ancient and esoteric teachings including Tantra, plant consciousness, epigenetics, quantum liberation, shamanism, tarot, breathwork, family constellations, neurofeedback, Landmark Forum, Victim Consciousness, Radical Forgiveness and energy healing.   


One of the most profound discoveries I have made has been the role and impact of trauma upon our life experience and it’s intrinsic role in the formation of our realities and pain symptoms and how this experience relates to the bigger picture.  There is a spiritual intelligence that belies our human journey and this intelligence is calling us home. 


We must heal the source of our pain, not just the symptoms.

And remember, that we are here to remember

With love