Somatic Soothing: Self-regulatory Nervous system exercises - 08th February 2020



Charmain Berry and Mark Sutton

Saturday 8th February 2020 10 am - 5 pm

KickStart-Wellness Hub

68a Rochdale Road

HX4 8HE Halifax

General Admission: £65.00

Find out more and book: https://www.facebook.com/events/1491493157682562/


This workshop takes us on a journey through the psychobiological aspects of fear and anxiety through the lenses of breathwork, trauma informed psychology (internal family systems model) and polyvagus nerve theory. We share theory and practical exercises designed to support you in your self help journey as you learn how to regulate and heal your own nervous system. This next workshop is being held in Halifax on 8th February.

Here's some of the feedback we received from our amazing participants in Manchester.

"I enjoyed the dynamic between the trainers, I feel validated".

"My wish to continue healing has been reignited today".

"I would have liked two days"

"It’s opened me up to breathwork and IFS which will help me personally and in my psychotherapy training".

"This workshop definitely gave me lots of techniques to work with anxiety as well as theory"

"Thank you ..brilliant!"

"The whole day was very informative but not too much to digest"

"Really enjoyed the marriage of the ‘science’ with the woo-woo stuff"


Behind the busy-ness of internal mind chatter lies the essence of who we really are.  Many eastern and mystical traditions understand how the inner world is the portal to deeper connection and understanding of the Self and how this can be accessed through the ancient practice of meditation.   Many of us feel we don’t have time to meditate not realising how less thinking leads to more time and the possibility of greater health benefits and clarity.   If this is you then come join us every Tuesday and Friday at Charnock Farm in room 436 Royal Exchange Building for our Lunchtime Express Meditation sessions. 

General admission: £5. 

Booking required. 

Please get in touch if you would like more information.  info@charmainberry.co.uk


Internal Family Systems is a pioneering and powerful psychotherapy which allows us to access and heal ourselves through the realization that our psychological system is multiple in nature.    This therapy offers a road map to safely navigate the psychic regions containing our deepest wounds and through this process reconnect with the innate sense of who we really are and become free from the effects of trauma.

Come and learn more about this therapy at our monthly meet-up group starting on 28th January at Charnock Farm, Royal Exchange Building, Manchester.  

Time: 7.00pm till 9.30pm  

General Admission: £10   

Places are limited so please book.


Newcomers welcome. 

 If you have  any queries please message me on info@charmainberry.co.uk

Meanwhile, this is a wonderful little video made by Dick Shwartz which is a perfect introduction to this model.