Comprehensive Resource Model

Internal Family


What to expect 


“And the day came 

when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful 

than the risk it took to blossom.”

- Anais Nin


From personal experiences, I understand how you may be feeling as you consider embarking upon the path of change and self discovery, so, please be assured, your comfort and sense of safety is my absolute priority.  We can often feel trepidation about what we may uncover or reveal in the sessions with the concern being that we may need to ‘relive’ incidents or that we may find something overwhelming that we were not aware of.   The techniques that I use ensure that all the sessions are managed in a really safe and protective manner.  I have absolute trust in this process and can guarantee a safe space where you will not be expected to do or share anything unless you feel absolutely ready to do so.  


I remain honest and transparent throughout the therapy process.  I maintain a sense of curiosity and compassion towards you and can guarantee you will be held within the safety of a completely non-judgemental connection. 


What I can help you with


I tend to avoid using labelling terms such as disorder, depression or anxiety in this work, however I understand that these are important frames of reference.    I can help you if you are experiencing symptoms that relate to: 


Fear and all anxieties (health, social, obsessional) 


Low mood 

Lack of worth 










Physical health conditions (including autoimmune and cancer) 



This is not an extensive list and I am happy to talk to you about how I can help with our specific difficulty, whatever it may be. 






What is the therapy


I am fully trained and qualified in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, EMDR, Internal Family Systems and Comprehensive Resource Model.  I use these techniques independently and I have also integrated a unique blending of these approaches to create a treatment that is flexible and dynamic enough to accommodate individual differences and needs 


My therapy can help individuals not only overcome problems, but also can lead to a supported journey of self discovery and reconnection with sense of self and true life purpose.  



How many sessions will I require


It is often not possible to anticipate how many sessions are required from the outset of a therapy journey.  Some may say that the healing process is a continuous unfolding with limitless potential and possibility.  I do however ask clients to attend six sessions in near succession so that a momentum and flow can be established.  I will advise on how many sessions are required but It’s up to you from then on how often you choose to attend.   


How long are the sessions


I offer 60 minute sessions, 90 minute sessions, and intensive half day or full day sessions. 


First session 


The first session will focus on us getting to know each other and gaining a sense of what you are wishing to heal.  The therapy is not about unpicking your childhood.  Instead I tune into other factors, such as your principle beliefs and self-view and the very important issue of knowing what you would like to change.    Usually on the first session I introduce therapy preparation tasks and will most likely introduce you to the therapy model. 




One of the objectives of this therapy is to teach you how to heal yourself and I will often ask you to continue the work in between the sessions.  Your progress is also related to the amount of time you commit to this process outside of the sessions.


Inter-session Care 


Sometimes it is necessary for you to check in with me in-between the sessions either on the phone or via email.  There is no additional fee incurred for this contact 


I offer one to one individual therapy sessions in my beautiful room in Manchester City Centre.  I also offer on-line sessions over skype or Zoom and meet people in their homes by special arrangement. 


I offer 60 minute and 90 minute sessions.  Please get in touch to find out costs.  The costs also include in-between telephone contact should this be required.